Presented by Jolie Beth Boudreaux, MA, LPC



In this training, you will:

Feel Competent in the Foundations of ADHD

This training provides a complete overview of ADHD including:

– History of ADHD

– Exploration of current research

– The overlap of other neurodivergent brain types such as ASD, and giftedness

– Current treatment options

– Current concerns within the ADHD community

Learn From Practical Application

Explore how the foundational knowledge is used in the real world including:

– Case studies

– Interpretation of the research

– Current trends (both good and bad!)

– How to identify when to refer out and legal/ethical concerns

Practice Your New Skills in a Safe Environment

This training sets itself apart in a few key ways:

– Training is limited to 10 participants to allow maximum opportunity to practice with/ ask questions of the facilitator.

– Designed and presented by a licensed mental health professional with over 20 years of experience and an expert in ADHD. 

Increase your effectiveness and create additional revenue by adding ADHD coaching to your skill set.

This training is intended to ADD a skill to your existing practice, not teach overall coaching techniques.

Each training course is limited to 10 participants for more opportunities to ask questions and practice skills.

Each training course is 12 hours divided into four 3-hour sessions.


Personal Development Coach, Mindset Coach, Transformational Coach, Human Performance Coach, Human Behavioural Expert, Life Strategist, Empowerment Coach, Success Coach, Achievements Facilitator, Performance Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Personal Results Coach, Personal Mentor, Motivational Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Life Transformation Strategist or a current ADHD Coach looking for a refresh!

Help more clients
People with ADHD represent an underserved portion of the population and often struggle to find services that our truly helpful. Adding ADHD Coaching to your skill set will give you the tools to help.
Get more referrals

Many clients, regardless of their goals, look for a coach or counselor with specific experience in ADHD. Adding ADHD coaching to your list of skills will open the door to clients who might otherwise look elsewhere.

Increase Revenue

Adding any new skill will increase the population of clients you can serve and the fee you can command.  By adding ADHD coaching, you will likely see a minimum increase of 10k per year.


Many clients with ADHD leave coaches and counselors because they don’t feel understood and their coach/counselor doesn’t know enough about how the ADHD brain works to adjust their strategies.

Presented by Jolie Beth Boudreaux, MA, LPC

Jolie Beth has practiced counseling for over 20 years in a variety of settings including, hospitals, group homes, community mental health centers, and private practice.  She has started and sold multiple businesses, serves on several boards, and has done all of these things while managing an active home life.

Since she also has ADHD, Jolie Beth found a natural connection working with clients with ADHD and, after several years of research and development, created a successful approach to helping people with ADHD develop skills and restory their lives.  In 2019 she restricted her practice to this underserved population and by the end of 2020 moved naturally into coaching in order to help more people.  She developed the ReVision ADHD Coaching Training for the coaches contributing to ReVision, and has now, for the first time opened the training to everyone.


“The training I received from Jolie Beth Boudreaux was exceptional. She brings clinically informed and research-based strategies into her class, alongside interactive elements, humor, remarkable story-telling for real-life examples,  and empathy. Furthermore, she truly cares about the well-being of the coaches participating, which makes one want to keep engaging. Since becoming a certified ADHD coach through Jolie Beth’s program, I’ve seen exceptional results with my neurodivergent clients.”

Kristen McWilliams, certified life and ADHD Coach



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