Darcy Lee Caplan, MPP, ADHD Certified Coach

Specializing in Artistic and Creative Youth and Adults,  and Parents with Creative Children

Hi! My name is Darcy, and I’m a certified ADHD Coach. I also have my master’s degree in Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of Human Thriving. I have a board of Standards certification as a Positive Psychology Practitioner.      

I specialize in the Artistic and Creative individual because I too am an Artist. My background is in acting, dance, creative writing, visual arts, music, theatre, television, and film.   I even have a passion for interior design and architecture.   This allows me to speak a certain language and have a deeper understanding of the process of creativity; More importantly I understand how someone artistic can utilize their strengths to live a fulfilling and productive life with meaning, purpose and with healthy relationships of all kinds. 

As a parent of an ADHD child who is now a fully realized and successful adult, I understand a parent’s journey and I’m here to help with interventions, support and compassion. 

My own experiences paired with my education gives me amazing tools to help facilitate actionable and practical steps toward greater personal understanding and success for those that might be struggling to live to their potential.



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