Executive Functioning: ADHD… or is it?

Executive Functioning: ADHD...or is it?
Happy 2022 ADHD Family!

In our home, we started the new year by getting breakthrough infections of Covid-19 (which has been brutal, I don’t recommend it).
Although we’ve been lucky to have mild cases, 2 weeks out I’m still struggling with “Covid brain”. I’d forgotten what I was saying mid-sentence and struggled to find words way more than usual.

Just this morning I walked into the kitchen for the same reason SIX TIMES: I stood there like a confused toddler who just woke up in a new place each time I walked in.
I could not remember why I walked in until I left again without accomplishing my kitchen mission.

This made me think a lot about day-to-day executive functioning. Issues with executive functioning are often associated with ADHD, but I’ve found in my practice that it’s often other things that impact it more. Usually, ADHD gets blamed for any executive functioning issues resulting in the other contributing issues going unresolved.
This short Executive Functioning Quiz can help you look into other issues that might be impacting your executive functioning. Follow the link below to take the quiz and thank you for being with us in our 2022 journey.


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